Bonita Kaftans are wearable art, and our customers are the canvas.
We are an Australian based fashion label (launched in Spring 2015) that focuses on celebrating colour, comfort and glamour. Our collections have been designed to test the imagination with a fusion of exotic textiles, unbridled use of colour and liberal embellishment, all of which nod to influences from across the world.
The brand aims to be a purveyor of unique kaftans and dresses – designs and prints that haven’t been experimented upon silk and cotton before - with the end goal being a metaphorical transportation of the Bonita woman into another life more exotic, vivid and thrilling. 
Our inspiration is drawn from personal histories, cross-cultural colour usage, books, magazines, film, art and nature. The design process begins with our paintbrush and aims to bring to life our wild creative fantasies, whilst also allowing for a versatile look that translates seamlessly from day to evening wear. Our garments are made from the finest A-Grade fabrics, embellished with individually hand-sewn sequins and manufactured by some of India’s best artisans, ensuring an ethically made product of the highest quality. And above all, Bonita is a much loved, family run business whose bold, sparkly and fashion-forward styles resonate with gorgeous women from all walks of life.